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3 Edison High Power, GU10 LED Spot Light, Bright White, 230V


Description: The GU10, 230V 4.2W Edison LED spotlight, bright white is perfect tor instantly replacing any halogen spots. The 3 Edison High Power GU10 LED spotlight is a single spot light containing three pieces of LEDs. High power LED technology is now available at an affordable price with a life-span of 30.000 hours. The bright white Edison high power LED spot consumes only 4.2W power. Bright white colour temperature has slightly brighter light emission and the colour is rather bluish white. This product is also available in natural white colour temperature. The product is ideal for home and commercial, or even constant (24/7) use. The LED spot can be fitted to expanded ceilings, fixtures, fix, movable and/or tilting downlighters.

Recommendation: This high power LED light is equipped with Edison chip, has a lifespan of 30.000 hours and is suitable for constant use as well. It is primarily recommended for main and task lighting, at home or bars, restaurants, hotels, windows of shops,  where constant lighting is necessary.

Economical calculations: Using a 40W halogen spotlight bulb over the lifespan period of 30.000 hours consumes 1200 KWh energy worth of £144.00 (based on electricity cost of 12p/KWh), while using a 4.2W LED spot light consumes only 126 KWh energy worth of £15.20. The overall saving, based on a 30.000 hours lifespan and electricity cost of 12p/KWh, is £128.80 on each light, which can be achieved simply by replacing your conventional lighting with GU10 LED lights.

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Product Description

Number and Type of LEDs: 3 pcs of Edison High Power LED
Power Consumption: 4.2W
Voltage: AC 230V 50/60mh
Luminous flux: 270lm
Colour: Bright white
Dimensions: 50/55/50mm
Type of fitting: GU10/230V
IP rating: IP40 (can be used outdoor in combination with IP65 rated fittings or downlighters)
Lifespan: 30.000 hours
Beam Angle: 45°
Operating temperature: from -20C/4F to +55C/131F
Dimmable: Not
Sensitivity to vibration: No
Sensitivity to frequently switching affect: No
UV radiation: No
IR radiation: No
Type of lens: Clear glass

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Weight 45.0000 lbs


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