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LED lighting - The future is here!


LED Lights from LED Centre

LED Centre is the home of energy conserving LED lighting solutions.  We provide the perfect solutions for saving energy and money at the same time. Our LED lights are also environment friendly, so going green is really easy with our LED lights. We can replace your existing home and office lighting with low energy consuming LED lights and you can start saving today.

Why Choose LED Lights?
LED lights have the advantage of extremely long lifespan, while consuming 90% less energy. They are also not sensitive to switching, so you can turn them on and off as many times you want - it will not shorten their lifespan. Also an LED light reaches its maximum brightness instatntly, so there is no waiting around for you to actually see by the light, unlike with fluorescents. Going green has never been so easy either, as LED lights are environment friendly both when they are recycled and also from the point of view of rare exchange and extremely low consumption of energy.
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LED Lights-Low Maintenance

LED lights require very low maintainance in general. First of all, because of the long lifespan, you will not have to change them for almost a century. At the same time, your obvious benefit is the enormous amount of saved energy.

We stock the following LED lights:

We distribute LED lights providing solutions to an expanding range of lighting problems. 


LED Spotlights: 

  • LED GU10   - Our LED GU10 light bulbs provide various solutions for main source of lighting. LED GU10 lights are available with wide beam angle - illuminating larger areas, as well as spots. You can also find two different chip devices in our high power LED GU10 light bulbs. 
  • LED MR16  - LED MR16 spotlights have standard GU5.3 fitting, and are a perfect solution for illuminating small and large areas either. High power LED MR16 spot lights are also available with exclusive quality CREE and Edison chips. 
  • LED MR11  - Our LED MR11 mini spotlights are suitable where 230V is not an option. LED MR11 lights run at 12V and are suitable for replacing halogen lights with a wide beam angle. 


GLS Light Bulbs:

  • B22 - Our LED B22 light bulbs (bayonet cap) are available both for main lighting and creating mood lighting. The SMD power LED lights can be used up to 12 hours a day, therefore can be used for both home and commercial use.
  • E27 - LED E27 light bulbs have the classic GLS shape, and the traditional Edison screw fitting. Exclusive quality CREE chips are also available with high power LED E27 bulbs.
  • E14 - LED E14 or candle light bulbs are availble amongst the dimmable lights, perfect replacement bulbs for ceiling lights, where dimming is done with a turn of a know, or traditional TRIAC type of dimmer. 


Other LED light solutions:

  • LED Strip lights  - LED strip lights are one of our most popular products for their wide range of applicability. Our LED strip lughts run at 12V DC and are available with several performances and in various colours. The LED strip lights are easy to install, safe to run and extremely decorative. You can change the athmosphere of your home, office or business with our LED strip lights.
  • LED G4 light bulbs  - LED G4 lights and capsules run at low voltage, and are perfect solutions where 230V mains are not an option. Their brightness is exclusive and have the standard fitting of GU5.3


12V LED transformers / power supplies:

  • 12V LED transformers  - Using the suitable transformer for our 12V LED lights is crucial, because unsuitable transformers can ruin the LEDs even instantly. Make sure you get the compatible transformer, when you change your previous lights.
LED light accessories  :
  • 24V LED transformers  - The 24V constant voltage LED transformer is suitable for operating 24V LED lights.
  • Converter  - Our 12V LED lights can also be operated on 12V DC batteries. Since LED lights require stabilized constant voltage power supply, it is advised to use a converter to stabilize the supply at 12V DC for batteries with unregulated charging and higher voltage batteries. 
  • Dimmers - Our single coloured LED strip lights are dimmable with PWM technology. Our range of dimmers are all suitable for dimming the LED strip lights operating at 12V DC.
  • LED connectors  - Installing the LED strip lights you might need additional wires and cable clips and LED strip light connectors. For complete fixing everything is available among the accessories. 

We stock the latest LED lights so you can rest assured that you are purchasing the latest technology for your home. Our waterproof products are suitable for outdoor use as well. Take our Great Light Test to find the best solution for your home and office.

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